Lent 2017: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

Lent: Day 3 of 40
Name: Tristan An
Lenten Commitment: NOT procrastinate

17035973_429391314067820_1373507321_opro·cras·ti·nate verb 
“to delay or postpone action; put off doing something.” 

As in, I procrastinate doing my hw until the last second of the weekend.

This year is the first time I am committing myself to Lent. So, I honestly did not know what to expect. I was worried I would fail. I mean… I am already procrastinating, writing this the day of when it is supposed to be posted.

I asked myself, what If I fail? Will this reflect my relationship with God? If I can not even give up procrastinating for 40 days, how will I give up my life to God for eternity?

But thinking about Lent helped me put it into perspective that God had sacrificed so much for us. While we are all probably struggling with our sacrifices, nothing comes close to the great sacrifice God gave for us.

I feel one of many reasons why you should celebrate Lent is because you might feel too comfortable and you feel like you do not need God in your life. Even when you really do, but you go and rely on yourself and do what Satan wants you to do.

My strategy will be to think about God each and every day of Lent, and hopefully that will train me to think about God even after Lent is over. I recommend figuring out what you will do to celebrate lent, and make sure you have some time to think about it. (Of course I PROCRASTINATED until February 28th at 9:00 PM!) But having some time to brainstorm and find what you want to do to participate in Lent is a good idea like what my sister did.

*Also this is a free shout out. Read my sister’s reflection. It is probably much more helpful than mine.

I recommend everyone at least try to celebrate Lent somehow. Even a random Asian kid who has never participated in Lent before is trying it and it will hopefully help me grow spiritually as a Christian. I also hope and pray for anyone who will try to commit to Lent and come closer to God each and every day of Lent and forever after. I also plan on stepping my Lent game up next year and I hope you will consider continuing Lent next year too.

I also would like to thank Pastor Dan, and all the staff, that helped motivate me, to start doing something for Lent, write this reflection, and help me build my relationship with God. I also would like to thank God for making the ULTIMATE sacrifice for us.

I hope this helped some people get some motivation because if I can do something for Lent, ANYONE can.

“Enjoy the silence” while you can…… because I hope this essay was LOOOUUDDDDDDD and IN YOUR FACE.

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