Lent 2017: To Know Our God

Day 2 of 40
Name: Paul Yoo
Lenten Commitment: Spending 30 minutes in the morning with God

11238218_10153521751393540_2613041968176736565_oHow can we know God? In God’s infinite vastness and eternal glory, can we, as human beings who are so flawed and broken, ever come to a point where we can say that we know God? It seems that even in asking this question we come to face the reality that God is so far and beyond all that we could ever imagine. He is perfect, righteous, glorious, and nothing could ever compare to Him.

So we ask ourselves, can we really know God?

The beautiful answer to this question can be seen from the moment that God created the world and brought man and women to be a part of creation. It can be seen in every moment the Israelites sinned against the mighty God to be forgiven and rescued. It is seen on the day the wise men searched after the messiah- Jesus Christ who left His throne to become human. It was felt in every moment that Jesus healed the sick, fed thousands, and forgave sins. It was radically displayed on the cross when Jesus died for our sins and paid the debt that we owed. It was then fully answered when God raised Jesus from the dead as he was satisfied with the payment.

The answer to this question can be found on every page of scripture.

We can know God because he allows us to know Him. We did not choose to know God- God chose to reveal Himself to us.

This is why I will for Lent, and hopefully, for the rest of my life, spend at least 30 minutes with God every morning. Whether that will be in prayer, in reading scripture, in singing praises, or meditating in silence, I will spend that time getting to know God.

What I will understand more as I get to know God is that there will always be more of God to know. Also, as I spend more time with Him, I will come to better know that there is no greater joy and no greater satisfaction than in knowing God.

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