Announcements for the Week of 10/16/2016

  1. The third edition of Psalm 100 is now available. Click this link to check out Pastor Paul’s pick of the week.
  2. Bible reading this week is from  1 Peter 4-5 & John 1-3.
  3. This week’s Friday Service will be Teens & Temptations. We will be following up on our lecture series on friendship.
  4. Bible Study will follow its usual schedule. Please be ON TIME for your Bible Study class.
  5. Baptism and Confirmation classes will be held at 1:30 p.m. in Pastor Daniel’s office.
  6. The PTA will be hosting a Financial Aid and Scholarship Seminar at 1:30 p.m. this Sunday.
  7. Housekeeping
    If you would like to exit the YG room during worship, you must first get permission from Ben TE before leaving. If you know that you will need to go to the bathroom during service, please go before service.
    You are only permitted to eat in the YG cafeteria or downstairs.
    Clean up any mess around you including food and playground equipment. (Yes, even if it is not yours.)
    Close all doors when the A/C or heat is on.

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