Psalm 100: Third Edition

Pastor Paul’s Pick of the Week

Do you know what the hard part of picking a song for this blog for the first time is?  I was trying to pick a song with the most profound and meaningful words matched to the perfect melody with a chorus that knocks socks off centipedes.
Instead, I picked a simple song: Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman.  The song is simple.  It is based on the Lord’s Prayer and if you ever decide to study the origins of the Lord’s Prayer, there is a pure basic-ness about it.
God, “You are strong and You love me.”  If we could really understand what this meant and how simply powerful it is, it would knock centipedes off our socks. And yes, I know that didn’t make sense, but I think you will find that I rarely do.
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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Happy Day – Jesus Culture

2. Holding Nothing Back – Jesus Culture

3. Amazed – Bethel Worship

Offering: Broken Vessels – Hillsong Worship

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