A Search For Status


We all desire for status. No one wants to be ignored or forgotten. Isn’t it fascinating how even infants cry for attention and acknowledgment? It was easy for me to realize this when my two daughters were born. Even as day-old little humans, they cried for mommy’s undivided attention to be treated as someone important in her life.

Status is our deepest longing, and we seek for status all throughout our lives. Like the sun that does not know how to stop itself from rising every morning, our longing for status continues to rise in every stage of our lives, and teenage years are no exception. In every middle and high school cafeterias and classrooms, young people anxiously search for status or popularity. Even among the least popular kids, the hierarchy of status exists, and those who are at the top of the least have a sigh of relief knowing that they are not “nobody.”

A search for status is not limited to school buildings but extends even to the funeral homes. Even at the moment of farewell to this world, people long to be remembered as someone significant. However, the miserable reality of human existence is that our longing for status never reaches complete satisfaction. As the pursuit of happiness, a search for status is a mirage that seems so near but non-existent. So, our human misery is that we’re all on a treadmill running to get to somewhere we cannot reach, and trying to pursue something we cannot possess.

Who can deliver us from the drudgery of status searching? The Bible says that it is only in Christ that we can find true status and identity that ultimately satisfy our souls. Just read Ephesians 1:3-14, you’ll discover the immeasurable status we have received through our Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, we have been adopted into God’s family. Therefore, we are now called sons and daughters of God. Also, as the princes and princesses of the great King, we are rightful heirs of his inheritance!

When I think about this gospel truth that I stand upon, I feel a deep sense of contentment which makes me not envy of any status or anyone in this world. Although I may be poor and unworthy in the eyes of others, I am very precious and highly esteemed in the Creator’s eyes! What is there for me to be jealous? If God acknowledges me as someone important, I can be careless about what others think. Although there are still times I feel inadequate and unworthy comparing myself to others, what picks me up is the heavenly status that my Lord Jesus graciously gave me through his sacrificial death on the cross. Knowing and believing in this gospel truth sets me free from my endless search for status. I hope and pray that by reading this article, you would at least begin to open your eyes to understand the great status you have received in Christ and set you on a path to freedom.

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