Psalm 100: 30th Edition

Jinwon TE’s Pick of the Week

One Voice – Hosanna Integrity. One Voice is the very first song I remember singing back in grade class. As a pretty recent native Korean, I didn’t understand the meaning behind the song when I first heard and sung it at the beginning. Now, I can interpret it. Unity is a strong concept. We are more powerful together than we would be when alone. What will be possible when you are alone? I know, not much. Not as possible than when together. You need friends to help one another. We will love and forgive one another. It is what God wants to see in us. Let the world see what God does in us when we are united in one voice together. Let us show that our God is the one and only that reigns high above all. Let them see that we can support each other in harmony under God. Together, under a single roof, we are a blinding, propagating light in this battle against the shady world. We will achieve greater things when we are all in this together. And we pray to God grant us unity.

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Heaven Fall Down – Phil Wickham

2. O Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship

3. Great Things Worth It All – Elevation Worship

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