DSYG Adopts the ESV

Beginning April 30th 2017, Dong San Youth Group will be officially adopting the English Standard Version translation of the Bible.

This decision was made to provide DSYG students with a more literal translation that conveys greater accuracy, readability, and clarity. The ESV’s emphasis on word-for-word translation will also provide DSYG students with a Bible that more closely reflects the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

To facilitate the transition, beginning March 26th, DSYG students will be able to purchase subsidized copies of the ESV Bible after worship.

Students will have the ability to choose between the ESV Large Print Thinline Bible which will be available in Solid Chestnut and Ornamental Tan and will be sold for $10 and the Following Jesus Bible which will be available in Brown and Teal and will be sold for $15.

Beginning April 30th, DSYG students will also be expected to bring their own Bible to every worship and Bible study.

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