We All Are On The Same Team

I don’t like to make political remarks in public. But seeing riots and protests around the country, I feel obligated to respond to the situation as a pastor.
I know that some of you are upset about the election results. I too have felt the same way. But as President Obama reminded the nation yesterday, we “all are on the same team.” Yes, we have our differences, but we are all Americans.
The beauty of democracy is that everyone has the freedom to express his or her opinions in all matters of life. But we must not forget that the real beauty of democracy is that our ideas reach executive conclusions through fair voting.
Whether we like it or not the decision was made through a democratic system we dearly uphold. So it means that it is time for us to unite and pray for the president-elect to lead this country with wisdom and humility. I believe this is not only a right thing to do as citizens but also as Christians.
Let’s be realistic here. There are times we win, and there are times we lose.
But let’s not worry too much. The kings and presidents of this world may come and go, but our King never changes and He is always in control.

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