Psalm 100: Sixth Edition

Jonny Chung TE Pick of the Week

When someone asks you why you are a Christian, what do you say? Truthfully, when I was younger, I struggled to answer this question. I knew that this was a very important and complex question so I thought that I would need a huge and complex answer. When my friends asked me why I was a Christian, I would give long-winded answers that would make no sense and my non-Christian would point out the inconsistencies, which in turn made me doubt myself. As I grew more mature, I realized that the answer to the question was actually quite simple.

If you are wondering what my answer to the question is, it is best summed up in my pick of the week: My Savior, My God. Simply put, God sent Jesus down from Heaven die for our sins and give us new life. 

Follow the Psalm 100 Spotify Playlist to listen to all of our picks!

Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. I Belong To You – Bethel Music

2. This I Believe – Hillsong Worship

3. Forever Reign – Hillsong Worship

Offering Song : We Fall Down – Chris Tomlin

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