Psalm 100: First Edition

Pick of the Week:

Welcome to the first post of Psalm 100!!!!! WOOOOOOOO. I’m going to jump right in, so if you are confused, check out last week’s introductory post. The Psalm 100 pick of the week is Unashamed by Starfield.

This song perfectly represents what a Christ-centered heart is and the chorus of this song is a declaration to the Lord of who we really are and what he has done for us. Starfield reveals that we are weak and truly unworthy of his love and mercy. They focus solely on Christ. Because we should remember that in order to be saved, we have to accept Christ as the son of God and that He came down to earth to die for our sins and give us new life. 

This is an amazing song, one of my personal favorites, and I hope you enjoyed this song. Be on the lookout for next week when you will get to hear from DSYG’s very own Pastor Daniel talk about his song pick of the week.

Follow the Psalm 100 Spotify Playlist to listen to all of our picks!

Songs from this past Lord’s Day

1.Your Grace is Enough – Chris Tomlin

2.Christ is Enough – Hillsong Worship

3.This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong Worship

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