Introducing Psalm 100


DSYG is very excited to announce Psalm 100, a new worship blog on that will be run by DSYG’s own Jonny Chung.

Inspired by the Bible passage for which it is named, Psalm 100 seeks to introduce DSYG students to Christian music with which they may be unfamiliar and shed a new light on the message within each title’s lyrics.

Psalm 100 will feature picks by different members of the Dong San worship community each Monday of the month:

1st Monday of the month: Jonny Chung TE
2nd Monday of the month: Pastor Daniel
3rd Monday of the month: Pastor Paul
4th Monday of the month: EM Praise Team
5th Monday of the month (when applicable): Hymn of the Month

The blog will also archive the DSYG Praise Team setlist from the previous Sunday and provide DSYG students with easy access to videos of each song.

The first edition of Psalm 100 will be published on Monday, October 3rd. We can’t wait to see you then!

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