DSYG COVID-19 Update (Closed)

March 14 2020

A Letter from Pastor Daniel

Dear DSYG, 

I hope you are well and trusting in the Lord, even in the midst of a sobering series of events as our nation responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our church leaders met last night and decided to substitute the Sunday service at church with family service at our respective homes for the safety of our members. This decision is not one motivated by fear—after all we serve the Sovereign King of the universe—but one made by prudence to protect the most vulnerable among us, such as the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.  We are also hoping that this decision helps our local community’s extraordinary efforts to slow the spread of this virus and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic.

Don’t Be Driven by Fear, But Wisdom and Love

Brothers and sisters, we should not be driven by fear in any circumstances. Instead, be wise and prudent as you are going through this uncertain time to keep you and your loved ones safe from getting infected. Also, look after those who are in need of your help with the love of Christ. If you are living with grandparents, do chores and run errands for them since they are more vulnerable to the virus than you are. In some cases, you may have to babysit your younger siblings as more schools close since your parents will need to work to provide for the family. Whatever situation is presented before you, do everything in love and not begrudgingly or in fear. 

Weekly Bible Study and Friday Night Meeting

Until further notice, we will follow the decisions of our church leaders and not hold physical gatherings. As an alternative, DSYG teachers and I have decided to provide online teaching and fellowship for our students in the coming weeks.

For the Friday Night Meetings, we’ll open Google Hangout sessions on Friday at 7:30 pm for fellowship and prayer, and will last no longer than 45 minutes. These online gatherings will be a crucial meeting for the DSYG community as we are trying to hold each other in prayer and spiritual fellowship. 

Links and instructions to join the meetings will be posted on this website, Facebook, and Instagram shortly before 7:30 pm – All you will have to do is download the Google Hangouts Meet app.

As for the weekly Bible Study, the teachers and I are working to provide you with 5-minute recaps for weekly lessons via YouTube or through a podcast. Since none of us are familiar with the technical side of recording and posting vlogs or podcasts, I ask for your patience with us as we try to figure out the best path forward.  

Brothers and sisters, I want to remind you once again that our God is sovereign over all, and He loves his people faithfully. So, do not be afraid. Put your trust in Him and lead your life in wisdom and love. Although we may be distant from each other for a while, let us remember to pray for one another as we rest in the hand of our sovereign Lord. Please reach out to your teachers or me if you have any questions or just want to talk.

In His Love,

Pastor Daniel

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