Psalm 100: 115th Edition

Youhyun TE’s Pick of The Week

Faithful to the End is a song I’ve recently come to enjoy. I’ve discovered this song while serving on the praise team for the youth group retreat. As I was playing this song, I’ve grown to enjoy it. The message of this song is very simple and powerful to me. It speaks of our Father’s faithfulness and is a song of assurance that His faithfulness does not fail. When we think about faith, we think about our own faith and how shaky our faith is in a lot of things in life. So I think it’s important to sing and listen to songs like this one where it reminds us that our Father’s faithfulness does not fail and that He will be by our side until the very end. When I sing these lyrics, it brings me joy that our Father is faithful to us until the very end. And that he’s a God that will keep his promises and show us such love. So when you hear this song, sing/hear it with joy and gratefulness.

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship

2. Shepherd – Bethel Music

3. Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me – CityAlight

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