Psalm 100: 107th Edition

Pastor Daniel (EM)’s Pick of The Week

Let me share with you a song that has been playing on repeat in my car and on my iPod. It is You Revive Me by Christy Nockels. Though I love the entirety of the song, it is the chorus and the first verse that keep my tears continually streaming and the words play at my heartstrings – Give me eyes to see you in the dark.
How many times, how often, do my clumsy heart fail to grasp the enormity of His presence in my life? How curiously absent is He in my thoughts especially when I am surrounded by negativity and want of things I desire? How spent I often feel tirelessly expending my energies in anxieties of life is terrible outcomes? Thus I feel the weight of life’s tremors; every quake seem to violently shake the Faith in Christ right out of me. And yet, this song awakens a deeper longing screaming at the top of its lungs, Give eyes to Daniel, Lord, to see you in his darkness!
The Spirit revives! Oh He truly revives! He so desires His people to see Him despite our immaturity and when life overwhelms and seemingly vanquishes all hope. But He revives my friends! He awakens our spirit to confirm with the Spirit how truly His presence fills our deep space until we hunger for Him.
Thus our deserts are revealed for our true wanting of His real joy and gladness despite all the hurt and anxieties that we presently feel. Though these realities are real, so is His love, mercy, compassion, and ever increasing faithfulness into conformity to His Son. These are just as real as the pain, suffering, turmoil, hardship, and our ever present darkness that seems to veil and mask the light that wants to shine through.
When we understand that, His reality is as real as my painful reality, then we can truly expand it all for Him and will not be an expense at all because another reality unfolds: the more I am emptied and poured out until I am spent and become a desert, do I fully realize He is filling this desert with His person and His Spirit until I become an oasis for all to drink until I become spent again. Then the process repeats. May it always be to His glory forever and ever, Amen!

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong Worship

2. Shepherd – Bethel Music ft. Amanda Cook

3. Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman

Offering: Give Thanks – Don Moen

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