Psalm 100: 96th Edition

Youhyun TE’s Pick Of The Week

Christ is Mine Forevermore is the song that I would like to share. This has the structure and melody of an old hymn, but it has been done to make it a contemporary song. Whether it is a classic hymn written in 19th century or written in the 21st century, the message and the focus on the lyrics is still the same. One reason why I like listening to hymns is because their structure is often very simple, compared to contemporary songs. By keeping the structure of the song simplistic, you really get to focus on the lyrics. And Christ is Mine Forevermore is one of those songs where the lyrics really capture the message of the Gospel. It is a song that gives me confidence on my assurance and inspiration. This song may not be an exciting or musically complex contemporary piece, but I hope that just by listening to the lyrics, you can get excited about the Gospel

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Beautiful Savior – Planetshakers

2. I Surrender – Hillsong Worship

Offering: How He Loves – David Crowder* Band

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