Psalm 100: 91st Edition

Pastor Daniel’s Pick Of The Week 

My pick of the week is Mystery by Charlie Hall. Most Christian music whether they be praise songs or written be “professionals” have sought to bring to our ears a neutered gospel – a gospel that is both devoid of Christ and of His salvation. Matter of fact, I want to be even bolder and proclaim that most even have left out the word “God” from praise singing. In the task of being creative and seeking an artistic flair for both song-writing and poetry, they have left out the two important objects to that twin purpose while succeeding in flooding our minds with nothing that supports our twin object: Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. If in fact that is our aim and goal of all of our life, in this life and beyond into perpetual infinity, then does it not make sense that we should proclaim their names at the top of our lungs no matter what creativity and artistry requires? If our entire lives is to worship Him that saved us, why would we be careful in offending, when it was He that saved us?

I thank God for musicians in my past that gave me Michael Card, Keith Green, & Petra. For you young ones, these names are mired in obscurity and shadow because they are long since forgotten of a bygone era when Christian artists actually dove into the Word of Scripture to find their inspiration. Do I think that all Christian music should be singing about Christ all the time? My simple answer is YES, absolutely! What does a normal, average person do when their lives have been miraculously saved? They speak incessantly about the one that rescued them from certain death. Is this not true of us? If this is true of us of whom we speak concerning someone we can see with our eyes, how much more should we be celebrating someone who has done the unspeakable, the impossible – saved us from certain damnation unto eternal life with the Father for all eternity!

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters

2. Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin

3. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Jesus Culture

Offering: Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Jesus Culture

Doxology: Knowing You Jesus – Graham Kendrick

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