Psalm 100: 84th Edition

Jessica Kim’s Pick Of The Week 

My pick of this week is Be The Change by Britt Nicole. On January 20, 2018, Hawaiian residents thought the world was coming to an end. They received an alert of a nuclear missile attack. It turned out to be a false alarm. The residents reacted in different ways, but many came away from the experience with a quizzical “Now what?” In the face of a significant event, people are prone to certain epiphanies or fears to the life they’ve lived and loved ones. But upon receiving a second chance at life, what does one do with these new realizations? Just as in the parable of the talents (Luke 19), let us not bury away the new life God has granted us. Do not live in fear of the risks; rather, live in faith and trust to beget more.

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship

2. Jesus I Need You – Hillsong Worship

Offering: Be With You

Doxology: To God Be The Glory

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