Lent 2018: Strengthening my Faith

Lent 2018
Name: Joyce Han
Lenten Commitment: Keep a QT journal.


For Lent this year, I decided to do a daily QT journal. At first, I wanted to make my life more organized since I am in high school now but I learned what Lent was really about – getting a stronger relationship with God.

Before thinking of what to do for Lent,  I was a little lost and hopeless. I was struggling with my faith and kept doubting God in ways that would make me question my own identity as a Christian. At one point, I gave up doing my QT and praying. No matter how many times I opened my Bible, I could not make sense of it.

However, since Lent was a commitment I had to make, I decided to use it as an opportunity to strengthen my faith. At first, I expected it to be difficult and assumed I would give up easily, but I realized that I actually enjoyed journaling and that helped me through many struggles. I would not say that it has been easy but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I am very glad that I chose a commitment that helped me build a stronger relationship with God.

As the days go by, it is more enjoyable for me to be closer to God. I have not fully achieved my goal yet, but reading through my journal entries shows the progress I made by just talking to God.

Prayer is very important when building a relationship with God.

Lent is not over yet, but looking back on the last 30 days, I feel I have definitely strengthened my faith.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

Phillipians 4:13
English Standard Version

This was a verse that I found when I opened my Bible to a random page. Through this, I recognized that I had been ignoring His messages and causing myself to doubt more. I did not have the strength to believe that God is almighty and powerful. Building a relationship with God made me do everything through Christ who gave me hope and strength.

I have learned that compared to Jesus, I am very weak. When difficult situations arise, I try to act strong and cover my weakness with my confidence. But now, I want to think about Jesus and how much He went through to protect our useless and weak selves and how He still loves us.

Even after Lent is over, I will continue to do daily QT journals, not because of my enjoyment of journaling, but to keep my relationship with God strong. I believe that when I get the chance to finish this month’s QT journals, I will achieve my goal of maintaining my faith.

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