Psalm 100: 47th Edition

Pastor Paul’s Pick Of The Week

Editor’s Note: This song was previously submitted in the forty-forth edition of Psalm 100. In this post, Pastor Paul shares another perspective on this impactful song.

As I was getting ready for church this week, Blessed Assurance, by Elevation Worship came to mind. I used to have an older friend that took really good care of me. Even when I didn’t tell him, he knew when I was in trouble and came looking for me to resolve my issues. Sometimes, I would get yelled at too because first, I didn’t call him right away. Second, according to him, “I should know he will figure out my problems.” Third, he would just yell at me in general for whatever I needed to get right. This gave me assurance. All is at rest. Jesus is the Perfect Submission that gives us the foretaste of glory divine. We undeservingly are heirs of salvation, by the purchase of God.

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. Oh Praise Him – David Crowder Band

2. This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham

3. Man Of Sorrow – Hillsong Worship

Offering Song: Reign In Us – Starfield

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