Psalm 100: 38th Edition

Pastor Paul’s Pick of the Week.

I suppose Simple Pursuit is more of a devotional song, rather than a worship song. However, it is the song that hit me this week. Looking closely at the lyrics, I do not think this song is personally based. It sounds like this song is about bringing us all back to His kingdom in heaven. I believe this song is not talking about the individual, but God’s Church and all His people. Here on earth, our faith does swerve and falter. When we all meet Him, in heaven, things will be different. Also, I don’t think worship will be like 24 hours a day, sermon after sermon Bible study after Bible study. I believe worship would be unlike anything we can experience here. What will that be like? Not sure. But as the song says, I feel it’s going to be a sheer joy that is pure, simple, calming, yet extremely powerful.

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. I Belong To You – Bethel Music

2. Revelation Song – Chris Tomlin Ft. Kari Jobe

3. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship

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