Psalm 100: 29th Edition

Pastor Paul’s Pick of the Week

Editor’s Note: This song was previously submitted in the fifth edition of Psalm 100. In this post, Pastor Paul shares another perspective on this impactful song.

I have been listening to What a Beautiful Name recently and I have to ask sometimes, “Do we REALLY know how wonderful His name is?” Have you ever felt like some people just do not get the credit that they deserve? How could we possibly give the proper credit that is deservedly due to Jesus? We say “nothing compares to Jesus,” but, to be quite honest, we end up choosing so many other things in our lives that rob Jesus of the glory that is due Him. When I sing this song, I feel the need to repent. All too often, I struggle to place Him where He belongs: on the throne of my heart. But this song helps me say Jesus is the King of my life and He has no rival or no equal!

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Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. What A Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship

2. You Make Me Brave – Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

3. Man Of Sorrows – Hillsong Worship

Offering Song: This I Believe – Hillsong Worship

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