Lent 2017: It’s Not About Me

Lent: Day 25 of 40
Name: June Lim
Lenten Commitment: To spread the gospel to lukewarm believers and to do QT every day.
“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”
Galatians 2:20
English Standard Version

What is the purpose of life? People have been trying to figure out the answer to this broad question with a variety of philosophical, scientific, and metaphysical explanations. For Christians, the answer is simple: the purpose of Christian life is to spread the gospel and to glorify God forever.

I realized that in order to know what the specific purpose of my life is, I must turn to God first. Focusing on my own desires and ambitions will inevitably lead to failure since God knows me better than anyone in this world. After everything that He has done for us, the very least we could do is live our lives wholeheartedly for Him.

This is why for Lent I decided to tackle something that I always avoided: evangelism.

My first target was my father. He used to come to church with my mom and me when I was very little. But soon after I turned seven years old, he stopped coming to church. My number one prayer request since then was that my father would consistently attend church and experience the abundant, overwhelming love of Christ. To my surprise, my dad started consistently attending church in May of 2016. This filled me with joy and thankfulness towards God.

I began to think, “How could I further my father’s knowledge of Christ?”

My family has weekly family worship meetings in which we sit down together at the dinner table on Saturday nights and have a small worship session. Usually, my mom leads the worship, but I wanted to prepare a message one week in order to get my dad involved.

My dad attends the worship sessions and listens in, however it never seems like he is truly paying attention. He always scrolls through his tablet while the message is being spoken. 

But a few months ago, my mom said she would come home very late from work on a Saturday. so our Saturday service would be canceled. However, for the first time ever, my father called me from my room and told me that even though mom was not able to come, we could still do the Saturday service together. My face lit up with a huge smile and I confidently flipped through my QT book and picked a passage. I then read the message to him and explained it to him. To my surprise, my dad never took his eyes off of me. He paid close attention to everything I said and even applied the message to his life. He took so much interest because I showed interest.

I wanted to have him experience this again so I decided to lead our family worship once during Lent. So I cracked open my QT book and started to pick a passage.

The message was on the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). I picked this passage because it shows the amazing love and forgiveness of the Father towards us. I wanted my dad to recognize this love and learn that he could repent and become God’s child despite his sins because He is always in pursuit of our hearts. During the sermon, my dad listened closely to my words and even gave his interpretation of the message. He applied the message to his life by saying that he will repent and take every opportunity that is given to him to work for the kingdom of God.

My second target was my close friend, Denise. She is one of the few friends that I can talk about God with. She is Christian and attends a small church in Harlem. Because her church has no youth group, there are no QT books provided for her. After noticing that I had an extra copy of the March Sena QT, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it to Denise. She thanked me in excitement, confidently stating that she will not miss a day.

Since then I have done QT with her a few times to teach her what questions to ask while reading and how to correctly make observations. It is very interesting to see how we interpret and apply the same messages so differently.

After spreading the gospel to lukewarm believers during Lent, I have learned to trust in God. He works through all of us and has a purpose for every one of us. For instance, through my evangelism, I was able to teach others about God’s love and grace.

This taught me to live completely by His will, instead of my own. If things are not going my way, I should continue holding onto Him and praying because He is above all things. I am saved by His grace and love and He does not owe me anything. I should not base my faith on what God does for me, but instead on what God has already done for me on the cross. I have learned to accept the fact that if things do not go my way, it is because He has a greater plan for me.

In the future, I want to continue leading family worship sessions for my mother and father and I also want to continue sharing God’s word with Denise. My own knowledge of Christ is not enough. I have learned something valuable about my life and its purpose: It’s not about me, it’s about Him.

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