Psalm 100: 24th Edition

Pastor Daniel’s Pick of the Week

Many Christians assume that God’s grace is limited to salvation. So we hear them often saying, “I’m saved by God’s grace.” But the Bible tells us that God’s grace and mercy extend to every aspect of our lives. It’s not merely limited to our salvation. Our God protects, provides, and transforms us into his likeness until we reach heaven by His grace. That is a wonderful promise we have in Christ. This week’s  song declares God’s unfathomable grace for us in a simple phrase, “He Will Hold Me Fast.” Hope you get blessed listening to it.

Follow the Psalm 100 Spotify Playlist to listen to all of our picks!

Songs from this Past Lord’s Day

1. I Belong to You – Bethel Music

2. Hosanna – Hillsong United

3. Holding Nothing Back – Jesus Culture

Offering Song: Stay Amazed – Gateway Worship

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