Hearing God’s Voice


Ellie’s friend, Joshua never said a word since Pre-K. Although two years went by and he passed the age to utter his first words, he had not spoken a word in school. But a miracle happened a couple of days ago– Joshua spoke for the first time. When my wife went to pick up Ellie from her school, she came running to my wife and said, “Joshua talked to me today!”

The exuberant joy of little children filled the atmosphere, “Joshua talks! Joshua talks!” A several of Joshua’s classmates were running around the school playground shouting the good news for everyone to hear. What a joy! These children have waited two years for Joshua to speak, and now that they made their first contact with their mysterious friend they were celebrating.

Another image that went through my mind as I was thinking about this was the movie, Martian. When the rescue spaceship finally came to take Mark Watney (Matt Damon), who was stranded on Mars for about 600 earth days, he bursts into tears hearing the long-awaited voice of his old crewmate. It was the first live human contact he had in almost two years. It was the moment of his long lasted loneliness finally coming to an end.

What would it feel like to hear God’s voice for the first time? I’m sure it would be an incredible and joyful experience as the kids who joyfully shouted “Joshua talks! Joshua talks!,” and Mark Watney who broke down in tears have felt.

We all want to hear God’s voice, but we forget that He is always speaking to us through the Bible. When we open up our Bibles, God communicates his heart and thoughts to us. God is not distant, nor mute. He is God who speaks to us.

For this reason, I believe all Christians need to have daily personal Quiet Time (QT). Although it’s hard to fit QT into our busy schedules, it’s a necessary step towards hearing God’s voice personally in every day of our lives through reading the Scripture.

To cultivate this important spiritual habit, DSYG will begin Quiet Time movement starting from January of 2017. Although it will be a difficult process to encourage everyone to join the movement in the early stage, I believe it will eventually foster a lasting and extremely beneficial spiritual habit for many students. Above all, it will provide them a discipline that will help them to hear God’s voice in their lives. So, please pray and prepare your hearts for this new and significant step we’re going to take for the next year.

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