The First Day of School


Happy First Day of School!

Growing up in an immigrant family I always felt alone whenever school started. Unlike some parents that were actively involved on the first day of school, my parents’ involvement was very limited due to their language and cultural barriers. The only thing they could do for me was to drop me off at school and say, “Study hard!”

I’ve never pitied myself or complained to my parents about their lack of involvement because I knew well that they love me, and they were doing their best to help me succeed in this country that was so unfamiliar to them.

Today was Ellie’s first day of school. I asked a bunch of questions to Ellie’s teacher hoping not to miss anything. Then as I was talking to her, I remembered that my parents couldn’t even do such a small thing like asking questions to a teacher due to their limitations. I felt so sad inside because, as a parent, I realized that they probably wanted to do the same for their son, but they couldn’t.

You may know this already, but always remember that your parents love and care for you whether they are actively involved or not. Don’t compare them to other parents! I think that’s the worst thing you can do. They may lack in so many things as first generation immigrants, but they never lack in love for you.

Aren’t you grateful that you have them in your life? How about you give them a hug tonight when they come home from work? Let’s end our first day by encouraging our parents.

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