Announcements for the Week of 07/17/2016

  1. Bible reading this week is from Luke 16-20.
  3. This coming Sunday, we will be having a joint service with the EM, led by Pastor Fred Porter (some of you may remember him as the speaker at last year’s Jesus Retreat) in the Youth Group Room.
  4. Bible Study will follow its regular schedule so please meet at your classrooms by 12:45 p.m.
  5. Native American Missions is July 31 – August 6. Please sign up if you are interested. If you register, you must attend the weekly training session on Sundays.
  6. Jesus Retreat is August 14 – 17. Register for the retreat online. Please register ASAP. The fee for retreat this year will be $100. More details here.
  7. Pastor Dan, Hank Teacher, and many other members of our DSYG community and their families are abroad. Please pray that they have a blessed time and have a safe return home.

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