“My Servant Leader” Essay Contest Winners

Award Recipient: Pastor Daniel Kim
Nominated By: Tristan An, Chloe Choi, Danny Lee, Yuri Nam, Chris Park
(Note: The following is a composite essay comprised of the works written by the five nominators, and edited by Helen Lee.)

Tristan, Chloe, Danny, Yuri, and Chris nominate Pastor Dan for the Servant-Leadership award for his exemplary service to the DongSan Youth Group and its members. Even though his official title just reads “pastor”, his unofficial titles include chauffeur, event planner, therapist, friend, teacher, nurturer, and occasionally even Praise Team member alternate. Despite his busy schedule due to his various roles, he always has time to check in on everyone in the DSYG community. He never judges anyone for being “different” and works tirelessly not only to improve DSYG’s church life, but everyday life. Through his Discipleship 101 classes, weekly fun fact-filled sermons, and Bible Study lessons, he promotes education in the Christian faith while also promoting having fun in the Christian faith through Friday fellowship. He has proven age is no boundary in connecting with the younger members of his congregation as demonstrated by his close relationships with everyone ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade, and the affectionate nicknames he has earned from his students (examples include “PD” and “P-Daddy”). With a uniform consisting of a suit and a smile, Pastor Dan has brought the DSYG closer to God and to each other. For these reasons, he is nominated for a Servant-Leadership award.

Award Recipient: Elena Song TE
Nominated By: Hyuncheol Lee
Essay Written By: Hyuncheol Lee

I nominate Elena Teacher for the Servant-Leadership for her dedication to the DongSan Youth Group and the well-being of its members. Although she is not a DSYG teacher, she attends many events and always makes sure we are fed. She came with us when we went to see the movie Zootopia, and also when we visited Princeton University. Not only does she make food for us, she also drives kids back home to Riverdale. Elena Teacher is very kind, and for these reasons, I nominate her for a Servant-Leadership award.

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