Pastor Daniel’s Letter to Newcomers


Welcome to Dong San Youth Group!

One of the goals of DSYG is to foster a community where members are not just fellow students, but rather brothers and sisters in Christ. And that by far, is the thing I love about DSYG; we are a family.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many teenagers do not experience that. For them, church is more like a day camp where one can hang out with friends instead of a community of faith where you can experience the true and life-transforming impact of the Gospel. Perhaps this is why nearly seventy percent of Christians stop going to church in college.

Here at DSYG, we place the Gospel at the center of everything that we do in every day of our lives, not just in an hour on Sundays. By doing this, our hope is to create a community that helps teenagers to experience and live out the grace, hope, and purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to have our identity, our service, our preaching, our teaching and our fellowship derive from the very message of the gospel so that our students may discover the incredible relevance of the Gospel in his or her life.

I like to think that DSYG does not just stand for Dong San Youth Group, but for the values we hope to instill in our students by the time they graduate from our community: Discipleship, Sharing, Yielding, and Glorifying.

I hope you will join us this Sunday and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we worship together through music, prayer, and scripture. In the meantime, please feel free to explore more of our website and learn more about our community.

Welcome to the family, we are looking forward to seeing you here!

In His Love,
Pastor Daniel

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