Praise Team


Praise: To express one’s respect and gratitude toward God, especially in song

Praise is just one vital part to worshiping God. Music is an imperative part of praise; however, praise is not solely about the music. Instead, the primary mission of the Praise Team Ministry is to glorify the Lord and lead the congregation THROUGH the music that we play. The music cannot fully express the forgiveness, love, and grace that God gives to us, but it is just one way to bring God the glory, honor, and praise that he deserves.

Most Praise Team members are self-taught musicians that are using their passion and God-given talent to praise. This team consists of vocalists, guitarists, pianists, bassists, and a drummer. The team prepares their hearts and practices throughout the week to give the best possible praise to the Lord.

We must remember that praise is not the only part of worship, though it may be the most exciting. We must also remember that God will not be pleased with music alone, but is only pleased with servant-like, child-like hearts.

The Praise Team Ministry is always open to new servants of Christ, wishing to answer their call to praise. While our instruments and equipment are limited, the Praise Team Ministry is eager for members, in HS or MS, to further add to our current group. If serving in the Praise Team Ministry seems like something you would potentially like to be apart of, then please let talk to Pastor Dan or the praise team leader!