Pastor Sean Lee

“I am one who teaches God’s word. I help people to understand and believe in the truth of the Bible, I help people live up to the Bible by explaining and applying the teachings of the Bible.”

Following this personal statement, Pastor Sean Lee has been ministering to the youth for more than seven years – first in Ilsan, Korea – and now at Dong San Youth Group. Throughout his time in ministry, he witnessed the youth have unlimited passion for God beyond anything he’s seen before. They were moving towards God at an amazing speed, regardless of what they were going through. Having seen this, he realized that God’s love is bigger than we can even fathom, to the point of even giving up his own son for us.

His desire is to continue to accompany God and has an interest in approaching the Bible with the youth and creating spaces for God to work. Furthermore, he continues to learn more of God’s heart through ministering to the youth.

Books, coffee, and family. That’s all he needs. You can find him spending time with these three things in his free time.