Pastor Daniel S Kim

Pastor Daniel—or “PD” or “P Daddy” as his students call him – has been ministering to teenagers for more than 12 years – first in the Greater Philadelphia Area – and now at Dong San Youth Group. Although he has been working with youth for more than a decade, he finds himself constantly surprised and amazed at how much he continues to learn about how the Gospel can affect the lives of teenagers around the world.

He joined DSYG as its youth pastor in early 2014 and since then he has been happily serving his students in the Greater New York and Westchester area. Though it is hard for him to list one specific thing he loves about the community, he finds that he most appreciates the family-like relationships that DSYG students have with one another.

When he isn’t busy preparing his Sunday sermons or driving students to/from church, he enjoys riding his bike and taking pictures of his wife, Rooree and their two beautiful daughters – Ellie and Sharon.